Lsvg - Add SVG elements on Leaflet Maps
Symbols, Icons, Paths, Circles, Images, Polygons, Ellipses, Rectangles, and Text

A developer's tool to create, store, and edit scalable vector graphic elements on a world map. Draw and/or call a database, via d3.js, to place the elements.
Seamlessly ports the elements to any other Leaflet map.
Create a custom developer's environment to place SVG elements into a Lsvg World Map and port the svg elements to your Leaflet Maps, via the template shown below. Update the map as things change: The Elements for the template maps will automatically be updated.
How To Begin A Place
1.Zoom into your place on the Lsvg world map.
2.Give this place a name, and describe it.
3.Provide your email and name.
4.Select the "Begin This Place" button.
This will immediately publish your place map online. Add and edit the elements at any time. It is only viewable by yourself and those individuals you invite to participate.
In the future, you can view your Lsvg place online plus add to, or change it, and invite participants. SVG elements, and map templates can be added and changed at any time.

Lsvg Elements Automatically Ported to your Leaflet Map(s)
- Leaflet Map Template -
You are provided with a Key Code that is included in a typical web page for your Leaflet map:

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